Become a significant global business and supply partner of core systems to the off-highway market with a significant market presence in agricultural and construction market.

Grow markets with innovative solutions & products and create value for all stake holders by providing high quality engineered solutions to our customers.

Promote a culture where individual and team performance and good corporate governance are the underlying platform to achieve our goals.


Organic Growth through horizontal extension with existing customers by adding in new capabilities to address size ranges of existing products higher than current capabilities.

Organic Growth via addition of new customers for existing product range.

Inorganic growth via acquisition of new technologies to create synergies and to provide global service to customers.
Enhance design and R&D competence to become an “engineered solution provider” for Global OEMs with off shore engineering & testing capability.

Leverage multi-location synergies with the goal of a risk free global supply chain solution for customers.

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